How Can I Tell Which Type Of Darjeeling Tea Flush Is Which?

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Unquestionably, one of the most well-known types of tea is Darjeeling tea. People who believe themselves to be beverage experts or even those who just want to sip on it enjoy it all over the world. It is available in Oolong, Dark, and White types. When you choose the greatest and most authentic variations of this beverage, you may take pleasure in a strong scent and receive the mixture in a light shade. It has a flavor with a strong tannic quality and a spicy smell. Learn how to distinguish one Darjeeling tea flush from another, as well as its various types.

First Flush

The harvest takes place sometime in March. The tea flush has a pale green hue and a typically moderate taste. It is pale in color and has a gentle scent. In some aspects, this is comparable to oolong tea. In the spring, it is nonetheless gathered immediately after a shower. The brew leaves are carefully gathered, and plantation workers handle each leaf with the utmost care.

Second flush

It is gathered in June. The tea is valued for its pleasant flavor and yellowish tint. For customers, the muscatel flavor merely enhances its deliciousness. After the first flush, the second flush of Darjeeling tea is harvested sometime in June. Although still softer than what you may anticipate in many Darjeeling black tea kinds, it has a stronger flavor than the first flush. The majority of consumers who purchase Darjeeling black tea choose the second flush type.

Third flush

Monsoon season is when it is picked. The look of the tea flush is stronger and darker. It has the least amount of customer demand since the flavor is fairly bitter. However, those who want stronger-flavored and scented morning tea often choose this variety. Darjeeling tea’s monsoon type is the least popular and is only sometimes marketed.

Fallen Leaf Flush

It is exclusively harvested in the fall, right after the monsoons, as the name implies. Although it has a deep flavor, it has a small zing to it. Although not as popular as Darjeeling 2nd flush tea in large quantities, consumers throughout the world like this flush. Despite this, it is a very well-liked flush that has a delicate scent and a pale hue. The monsoon variant smells stronger than this flush, which smells weaker. But because of this, it tastes far nicer than the rain or monsoon flush. This robust flush is popular both in Asian and Western nations, and it offers customers the assurance of richness and quality.

To ensure the quality and authenticity of this sort of tea, you should only purchase it from a reputable internet retailer. It is crucial that you only purchase authentic Darjeeling tea from a reputable retailer if you want to take advantage of the beverage’s high nutritional content and numerous health advantages.


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